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3 ways to generate more sales through your Mobile Application

Creating a mobile application is not always a linear process. Between advances and setbacks in development, when you finally launch your app in the application markets, new challenges arise.

Let's take this example: your app is available and after some initial marketing, it is downloaded by a considerable number of users. However, over time, the number of active users decreases and your app turns out to be one icon on the screen of a mobile device that is not used. Today we present you some techniques that can be effective in making users of your mobile application use it frequently and make in-app purchases.


Create an advantage

Even if users download your application, this does not mean that they develop the habit of using it. A mobile application must be attractive to users, have an advantage associated with its use. We suggest that you create special discounts for in-app purchases or, for example, make use of gamification and offer prizes or discounts for a certain number of purchases.


For different audiences, different communication

This is the basic principle of audience segmentation. Gone are the days when mass communication had an effect. It is currently proven that different demographic groups are attracted to different types and channels of communication. As such, we suggest that you let your imagination run wild and test different communication formats in different audiences. Bet on push notifications, ads, or even influencer marketing for younger, digital-connected audiences. Run A + B tests until you get satisfactory results.


Ask for feedback

Imagine you notice a pattern of customers entering the application but they don't complete a purchase. If you can't understand what motivates them to abandon the cart, ask for feedback. Many users are willing to offer feedback on their experience on the app, as long as that request is made in a polite and succinct way. Forget long forms, bet on formats that do not take the customer more than 2-3 minutes. Email or call. This way you can collect feedback and correct any bugs or pricing problems.


Having a mobile application can be a huge help for your business, but it is necessary to spend time and energy to optimize it in order to make it attractive to your potential customers. Put the tips we propose to you into practice. For more tips and personalized plans for your business, contact us! Zalox is a specialist in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application development.

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