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Today we celebrate World Graphic Design Day

On April 27th, we celebrate World Graphic Design Day.

Graphic Design is a creative process that conveys a specific message to an audience through the combined use of words, images and symbols, in order to assemble a visual representation of ideas and convey messages.

Because of its constant presence in our day-to-day, it was agreed that the date would be celebrated annually since 1995 on April 27th, the anniversary day of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations.

Graphic Design is essential for our professional activity, being present in practically all the materials we produce, on the websites we design, among others.

As such, we can not fail to mark this date and thank Joana Bastos, Zalox's designer, for her contribution in this area.
Throughout the world, various events honouring graphic designers, such as professional meetings, design contests and lectures, are being promoted today.

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