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Why should you invest in User Experience?

User Experience or User Experience Design (UX), can be defined as the process of creating products that allow meaningful and enjoyable experiences for users.

This involves careful usability planning but also other processes related to product acquisition and integration, such as design, functionality, branding, etc. User Experience is often expensive, but it is not always easy to justify that the return is worth the investment made. Either way, it is increasingly accepted that UX is one of the most important components of a technology product, so it will be an investment that your competitors are likely to make.

In this article, we leave you three great reasons to invest time and money in User Experience.

1. User Experience saves you money

Currently, Designers and Developers work time is extremely valuable. Correcting bugs, redesigning pages and processes is a time that could be used for other tasks and that makes a project a lot more expensive.

Thus, avoiding mistakes is essential. User Experience can help with this, preventing design, functionality and navigation errors.

2. User experience increases profits

Increasing profits is the goal of any business, regardless of the market segment. User Experience can help you earn more revenue. Performing A / B tests, for example, helps companies improve details and achieve their goals.

A / B tests are a design test method by which two versions (A and B) are compared, in order to find out which one has the highest conversion or approval rate. These tests are used in web development and marketing. Hiring a UX expert to evaluate your website design and suggest improvements can also help you have fewer abandoned shopping carts and more conversions.

3. User Experience puts you at an advantage

Focusing on User Experience will help you understand user behaviours, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. You can then identify your customers' pain points and correct them. A pain point is a specific problem that potential customers of your company face.

Nowadays, digital customers are more demanding and critical, preferring to buy on a website that gives them an enjoyable experience than from another brand just because they are sympathetic to it.

A company that is not willing to bet on User Experience is a company that closes to improvement and the future and this has consequences for those who intend to live in the digital ecosystem.

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