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How important is a CRM system to the sales force?

All companies have the transversal goal of increasing profits, it is one of the basic principles of growth.

One of the resources that companies can and should exploit in their favor and their goals is technology. In a time of constant change, customer needs are constantly changing, and vendors must adapt to those changes by changing the way they track customers. Then comes the importance of a CRM.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a customer-focused management strategy. Usually, when it comes to CRM people refer to CRM systems. Ie, tools that help contact management, sales and contracts, productivity control, and more.

It has been proven that companies whose sales forces work with CRM perform better at billing. The Sales Force can be defined as the set of individuals who have a commercial role in a company, from prospecting to closing the contract with new clients.

A CRM system is very important to the sales force, in that:

  • Helps the sales force determine the next steps in managing an opportunity, allowing the team to focus more on results than administrative aspects.

  • Shorten the sales cycle;

  • Lets you quickly create projects based on information about business opportunities;

  • Lets you search for detailed information about the history of customer interactions.

  • It allows receiving Leads (entities that express interest) handing them over to the sales forces. Leads can be obtained through the website, social networks, etc.

Companies must have clear and accessible sales processes for all commercials, and a CRM system acts to facilitate the definition of a customer approach.

One of the most important components of a CRM is the ability to track all actions that are developed with the customer during the sales and after-sales process and that must be properly defined and visible in order to control everything that happens over of the entire sales cycle.

For management positions, tracking the activity of the sales force is essential because it allows you to check whether the defined strategy is or is not being fulfilled by your salespeople and if the customer approach is being carried out according to what the company intends.

The last point is also important since it allows you to create a relationship with the customer, showing that the company knows the route you have traveled with the customer. Small details like offering a special promotion on the client's birthday is something that many sales teams already do and that differentiates your company because the customer believes that you care about it.

CRM systems are also the best strategies for follow-up. How many times have you promised to return a call or send an email to a client and eventually forget? CRM helps the sales force organize the daily tasks so that this does not happen by scheduling the sending of emails, calls and alerting to meetings.

Automation also enables you to optimize features so that the cycles are faster. With proper training and application of technology, the sales force gains the ability to manage negotiations. Some CRM systems create categories of customers and "personas" that facilitate the approach, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

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