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Why should you include Generation Z in your digital marketing strategy?

When outlining your Digital Marketing strategy, it's easy to forget to include the younger tier of your potential customers, Generation Z.

Although many brands consider Generation Z young and immature, these individuals are a very important part of their marketing plan. We explain why.

Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is composed of those born between 1996 and 2010. Contrary to previous generations, Generation Z grew in the digital world, with technology always present in all aspects of life. They are natives of social media and spend many hours of their day to day consuming content on these platforms.

Much of this generation has already entered higher education and is starting to make their own decisions about their money. It is estimated that by 2020 Generation Z will account for about 40% of all consumers. So it is very important that your company include this generation in your marketing strategy. Having grown up in a very specific context, Generation Z presents characteristics that distinguish it from the consumers of the past and the brands face the challenge of adapting to these new customers.

While ads have worked efficiently in previous generations, Generation Z has learned how to efficiently filter ads and promotional content. These individuals are not attracted to advertisements with purely commercial language. They look for relevant content with value.

On the other hand, natives of generation Z have a very low attention span of only 8 seconds, so it is essential to use original tools to capture their attention. These consumers have grown up in an information-saturated environment and are accustomed to filter very quickly what is relevant to them or not. They prefer image over text, an example of which is the "explosion" in the use of emoji.

Finally, one of the most relevant characteristics of this new group of consumers is that they value the human side of brands. Generation Z does not identify with companies without charisma, so it is very important that brands find a way to get their messages with personality.

To conclude, all companies wishing to remain relevant will have to adapt their strategy to this new generation of consumers. Follow our advice and start preparing for the hegemony of Generation Z.

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