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Essential tips for a better Content Marketing strategy

By including Content Marketing in their marketing strategy, companies can give their public relevant and useful information that shows that they have the necessary know-how to help them with their challenges.

Nowadays, there are few marketing professionals that haven’t surrendered to Content Marketing.

However, producing relevant content can be a challenge. In this article, we compile eight essential tips for companies that want to have a Digital Marketing plan in which content has a central role.

  • Before producing content, place yourself in the buyer’s position. This way, it will be easier to produce content that answers to the client’s questions.

  • Set a monthly plan. Don’t waste time thinking in themes every time you have to post new content. Plan your digital strategy carefully the month before and leave everything prepared with time.

  • The best marketing is the one that does not sound like marketing: avoid creating content that is too commercial. Content marketing is an excellent opportunity to build a relationship with your potential customers.

  • Be consistent. Set a publishing cadence and respect it. It has been proven that search engines give preference to websites and blogs with regularly published content compared to those who only publish from time to time. Also your readers will value consistency by showing you are committed to producing current content.

  • Do not write short posts to "dispatch" the work. Studies reveal that content with over 1000 words per standard is better positioned in search engines than short publications, making it easier for the reader to find it.

  • Use simple, short titles that include keywords that people search for.

  • Recycle old content and update it. In periods when you have less time to write, revisit content written a few months ago and update it with new information that has come up in the meantime.

  • Content that is trend at the moment is important, but be sure to produce timeless content that will continue to produce traffic after a long time.

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