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How to choose the right Social Media advertising platform?

Has your company finally decided to take a decisive step in your digital marketing strategy and bet on advertising on social media? Very well! Have questions about which platforms to bet on? It's normal.

With all social networks offering advertising options, choosing on which platform to advertise can be a difficult option. However, depending on your target audience and industry, there are more suitable platforms than others. In this article, we present the most relevant data to choose the social network that best suits your needs taking your goals into account.


Facebook has the most diversified user base and is the social network with the highest percentage of users in adulthood. In addition to having the largest number of users, the great advantage of advertising on Facebook is the amount of targeting options it offers.

You can target the audience of your content based on more basic demographics such as the age group and gender you want to target, but also for more specific features such as location, including the ability to select a radius of action around your facilities. It can also target other variables such as education (eg level of education, field of study, institutions attended) and life events (for example, birthdays, newlyweds), among many others.

Who should advertise on Facebook?

The obvious answer: almost everyone. Not only does Facebook have a wider audience, but users also access the site more often than any other social network. So the likelihood of your target audience being on Facebook is sky-high. However, brands often make the mistake of not specifying the target audience and trying to reach as many users as possible.  


With more than 600 million active users, Instagram is the preferred social network for Millennials and Generation Z. So if your brand has a young audience and values ​​the image over verbal language, Instagram could be the Ideal social network for your brand to advertise.

Instagram advertising campaigns are defined on Facebook (an associated account must exist), so the targeting options are identical.

Who should advertise on Instagram?

Brands with visual and dynamic content. Young people are more stimulated by visual content and 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook. The combination of actively involved users, excellent Facebook targeting options and a visually appealing advertising medium make Instagram the perfect platform to increase the reach and visibility of your brand.

All this is boosted by the fact that only links are allowed in paid publications, a factor that makes them all the more appealing.


LinkedIn has gained popularity as a professional social network but is increasingly being targeted as an excellent marketing tool by digital experts. LinkedIn offers the ability to create multiple ad types and very detailed audience segmentation.

LinkedIn ads allow you to target the audience by location, company name, industry and size, professional position, schools attended, Academic Degree, LinkedIn Groups, and gender and age. Group targeting is a particularly interesting option as LinkedIn users join together in groups taking into account their areas of interest, especially those pertaining to their profession.

Although this social network is often overlooked as a commercial platform, it can be an excellent choice for companies that know the profile of their target audience well. The content posted on LinkedIn is, as a rule, more "serious" and targeted to businesses.

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