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Why can't “just anyone” manage your company's social media?

It is common for professionals working in social media to hear the phrase "You just spend the day on Facebook / Instagram, I could do that too!".

Or, for example, older managers believing that your company's social media can simply be managed by a trainee with no specific job training.

When it comes to the best channels for promoting content and events, social networks are always top priorities. So why do we continue to perpetuate the concept that social media are an important part of a company's communication but at the same time persists the idea that they don't deserve the investment of a skilled professional?

Managing a company's social media involves constant strategy and adaptability, not just randomly posting tweets and photos on Instagram.

Even for very experienced and skilled professionals, it is often impossible to predict the "success" of a given content for your audience. As much as metrics are studied and planning is made, user behaviours on social media, trends and even algorithms are constantly changing, which requires constant updating by professionals.

It is disrespectful to professionals and even to your own company to look down on the work of community managers. Your company deserves a conveniently designed and executed digital communication strategy that is not improvised by someone without any training.

The strategic thinking and subsequent action required of professionals in charge of managing social networks is complex and should be valued by recruiters and managers of organizations.

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