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What is a Sitemap and why should I create one for your site?

Anyone who works with the digital media or has ever been involved in the construction of a website knows what the acronym SEO, or search engine optimization, means.

SEO is currently more important than ever. Millions of searches are done daily by users looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Google benefits optimized websites in search engine results, causing more people to find your page.

However, it is not enough to have a page with the right keywords, there are other techniques you can adopt, such as producing regular and well-structured content. Another option that can benefit you is to add an often overlooked element: the Sitemap.

A sitemap works in a similar way to a hierarchy organization chart, and as the name implies, is a map of your site. The sitemap includes information that indicates the correct path to be taken by the crawler. A crawler is a robot that runs the internet looking for relevant pages for each search. The Google crawler is called Googlebot.

The sitemap makes indexing processes faster and more efficient. This information is stored on the server where the site is hosted and reveals the whole structure of the site, as if it were an index, optimizing Google's robot efficiency.

The sitemap contains information about reading order, hierarchies, link architecture, and more. Creating a sitemap is recommended for any blog or website because it facilitates Google’s work and ultimately benefits you.

It may also be especially relevant for recently created websites that do not yet have a high domain authority. That's why Google may take longer to flip through internal pages. In this case, a sitemap can speed up this process.

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