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Google Chrome will mark all http sites as unsafe

When you enter any website, you have certainly noticed that the page url starts with http:// or https://.

Http and https are two protocols that use information from a website, but the "s" that separates them makes all the difference. Sites that use https have extra encryption that makes them much safer than the first option.

Three years ago, Google began favoring search results for websites whose urls start with https. The advantage is explained by the fact that this type of connection is safer, offering more confidence to site visitors. 

Now, Google will definitely comply with a plan outlined in 2016 that aims to have all websites use encrypted https links. Starting in June, Google will now mark non-HTTPS sites as unsafe on the Chrome browser.

On Chrome 68, a user entering any http site will see a message stating that the site is insecure. This will help users realizing that http-linked sites are insecure and make the web https by default.

The ultimate goal is that sites that use http links start using the more secure version. Although many sites are affected, a lot use the most secure protocol. According to Google, 81 of the 100 most visited web sites use HTTPS by default, and over 68% of Chrome traffic on Android and Windows occurs over HTTPS.

If the url of your site starts with http contact Zalox, we can help you not to lose traffic to your site when this change is implemented.

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