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What is a site audit and what are its benefits?

The website audit, in simple words, can be explained as a complete assessment of the overall performance of a web page.

The primary objective is to assess how easily your site will or will not appear on the results pages of a search engine.

Any site can benefit from an audit to determine if there is room for improvement on the site. This assessment is one of the most valuable steps that an SEO expert can take to improve the user experience, improve the site's position in search results, etc.

However, auditing a website is not an easy task and, as such, should be reserved for a team of specialists in the field. It is not enough to obtain the data, it is necessary to know how to interpret them correctly.

A website audit takes into account multiple aspects of SEO, such as content, technical SEO, external and internal links, outdated links and many more criteria that are constantly being updated. In the case of Google, the page placement algorithm recently added speed as a ranking criterion.

A complete and correct audit of your website will inform you of what is working correctly on the current website, what is below a good result and what can be improved to improve the ranking of your website.

Why should you audit your site?

When you launched your website, you made sure it was perfectly optimized in terms of SEO, but after a while it was recommended that you perform an audit of the website? Find out why auditing your site is beneficial for your SEO strategy.

First, you should do occasional audits to track changes in search engines over the years. What was valid yesterday may no longer be Google’s criteria today. Some of the most recent criteria are content (content on the page, blog pages, video, titles, metadata, tags, etc.), responsiveness of the site, page speed, authority (how well the themes are developed), among others.

On the other hand, an audit will also help you to change your code and information architecture to current standards. An optimized site a few years ago may be completely different today, as a result of updating content, adding new pages, etc.

Performing a thorough audit of your website is the first step to maintaining the well-being of your page. You should carry out audits annually in order to make sure that your website continues to perform optimally and that it reaches its target audience easily.

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