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The most important metrics to monitor the growth of your Instagram account

If your company has an Instagram account but doesn't give it much importance, now is the time to change the paradigm.

Currently, Instagram reports having more than a billion active users, which represents a too large slice of the world population to not bet on this social network.

Think about it: when you publish on Instagram, your content is available to 1 billion people, companies, potential customers and partners. If you think it's too late, think twice: as long as people's attention is on the application, it's never too late to start.

Nowadays, there are certain metrics that you can analyze in order to track your progress in the application, metrics that can be found in the "Insights" section of the menu that you find on your profile page. We will analyze each one of them:


Number of followers

This criterion is the most obvious of all: the more followers you have, the more people your content will be exposed to. However, the number of followers has more to say. The basis of a good Digital Marketing strategy must be a starting point (with how many followers you start with) and an ending point (what number you want to reach and in how long). With this objective in mind, you will be able to analyze and make use of the metrics that we will address below.



Impressions determine how many times your publications have been viewed. The interest of the impressions is that they constitute a first step in the awareness of the customer for your brand. Impressions tell you how many people saw your post, even if they didn't interact with it. That is, they may be users who are still getting to know your company, but who have not yet felt the urge to interact with you.

When the number of impressions increases, it is a sign that you are doing something well in your publications. If it decreases, you should assess what is hurting you. Impressions are equivalent to the number of visits to a website. The number of impressions tells you how many times your post has been viewed, and this will include users who have seen your post several times. Reach corresponds to unique visitors.



Instagram's reach corresponds to the number of unique profiles that have seen your posts. This number will always be less than the impressions, as it counts only once when someone visits your profile, even if they come back 5 times. Reach is one of the most important metrics: just like impressions, the more eyes you have on your profile, the more users gain awareness of your brand. The next step is to involve them with your profile, and there comes Engagement.



Increasing your engagement is essential to your Instagram marketing strategy, because this metric tells the Instagram algorithm that your content is something that people want to see. If your account has 100,000 followers and only 30 likes in your publications, the algorithm will assume that your audience has no interest in your content and will disadvantage your account on the Discover page and in your followers' feed. So, as your number of followers on Instagram grows, engagement should also grow.


Follow these metrics to analyze and predict your growth on Instagram. Remember that any digital strategy takes time to deliver, so don't despair.

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