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Websites vs Apps: 4 reasons why apps win

There is no denying it, the mobile era has arrived and we will hardly go back. Currently, the number of mobile applications users is higher than the number of desktop users.

This user preference for mobile applications has led companies to decide to invest in their mobile channels to attract new customers and better serve current ones. However, not all companies have the economic ability to invest in apps and websites. Small and medium businesses may have to choose only one of them and this article will help you make that choice.

Today, we compare the costs, usability and audience characteristics of mobile applications, showing you why a mobile application can be a better deal for you.


Better customization

The first big reason for users to prefer apps is that they offer better levels of personalized communication based on their interests, location, among others. Mobile applications offer more personalized experiences as they allow users to configure their preferences when installing them. This way, they can receive personalized content. A well-developed application can also analyze user behavior and offer personalized recommendations and updates for the user. This ability to personalize has positive effects on conversions: by being "spoiled" with personalized content, the user is more likely to make a conversion.


Take advantage of mobile features

Mobile applications have the advantage of allowing you to make use of the native resources of a phone or tablet, such as the camera, the contact list, geolocation, etc. These devices can not only make the experience more dynamic and fun for users, but also reduce the effort required to complete actions such as filling out forms or submitting photographs.

Sending notifications

Email has been the most used business communication tool in recent decades. However, the abusive use of email has made it lose the effectiveness of before, drastically lowering opening and click rates. Mobile applications allow you to send two types of applications: push notifications and in-app notifications. Both are alternative ways of communicating with users of the application in a less intrusive way.

Push notifications - those you can receive regardless of what you are doing on your phone or tablet - show particularly positive results, generating click rates of up to 40%.

Constant brand presence

Users spend several hours a day on their mobile devices. As such, every day they are in contact with the applications they have installed on their devices, increasing the likelihood of using them. On the other hand, even when they are not actively using the application, users will remember the associated brand, since the icon is in front of them every day. This constant presence of the application on a device is also a form of advertising that helps to influence the user's perception of your brand.


In conclusion, if you are in doubt between developing a website or a mobile application, we recommend that you bet on an application. In addition to being able to help you get more conversions, a mobile application offers greater customization and efficiency thanks to exclusive features. Zalox specializes in the development of mobile applications. If you want to develop an application for your business contact us, we will be happy to help!

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