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The role of CRM software in customer service

Companies today do not rely on face-to-face communication to communicate with customers and partners.

The technological advances allowed to use a series of means like the telephone, the email, chats, social media, among others. As options expanded, organizing all the data became a growing challenge. Customers' details and communication history is now scattered among multiple channels and multiple people making it harder for those who generate this information.

Although the management of these data has become more difficult, the importance of maintaining access to information remains. In customer service, it is essential to have quick and easy access to customer data. Thus, CRM software becomes especially relevant and a great help to improve the relationship with the customer. In this article, we discuss the advantages of using CRM software in customer service.

CRM software consists of a series of tools that help you manage contacts, sales and contracts, productivity, and more. CRM software allows you to create deeper and closer relationships with customers. Small businesses have long been accustomed to transforming customer relationships into sales opportunities and long-term relationships. CRM software can further enhance these close relationships by improving results. CRM plays an important role in customer service because CRM encompasses many aspects such as marketing, sales and support. Next, we'll cover some of the key points where CRM software is particularly valuable in customer support.

Support the evolution of the company

While some of the more rudimentary systems become inefficient after a while and as the business grows, well-structured CRM software can keep pace with the company's evolution. A CRM in the cloud can support growth and changes in the company's internal structures without requiring ongoing investment in software or equipment.

Access to real-time data throughout the team

One of the great advantages is real-time access to data, ensuring that consumer interactions via email, chat and phone exist in one place. In the case of customer support services, data sharing is paramount so that representatives can have instant access to a complete customer record as soon as a contact with the customer is initiated.

A CRM can show a complete history of customer interactions, including notes on previous issues, so the customer does not have to repeat the entire history. This ease of access to information can reduce customer frustration and reduce the time spent on each customer support process.

Automating Data Submission

The quality of data obtained from customer interactions is very important. It is no use having multiple calls with a client if half of the data supplied is introduced into the system in a disorganized and unclear way. Long questionnaires become boring for the operator and make you spend valuable time. Thus, an integrated CRM can automate the action of data entry, facilitating the maintenance of the data.

The automation of data submission further promotes the data being standardized for all customers, allowing operators to obtain more reliable information when analyzing the data.

Reduced costs and greater efficiency in customer support

One of the great advantages of a CRM system is the reduction of costs. Better organization and more consistent data make the service more efficient as customer interactions become faster, allowing for lower costs for each process.

On the other hand, not only are costs reduced, but there is also a potential for revenue growth, both through increased sales and increased customer retention.

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