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Zalox is working on a complete restyle of its website

New Year, new website!

Over the past few years, our website has undergone minor changes in order to correct things we didn’t love about our page.

However, a major renovation ended up lagging behind due to our workload. In order to respond promptly to our customers, the desire to restyle our page has ultimately been postponed. Now, finally, Zalox’s new website is at an advanced stage of development and we can not wait for everyone to see it.

Our new website will mark a complete turnaround in our image. Finally, we feel that the solution we are developing reflects our non-traditional approach and the creativity that characterizes us.

At Zalox’s new website, you will find all the relevant information about our services, as well as our portfolio. The mobile version will be completely targeted to mobile devices given the importance of smartphones and tablets in our lives.

We are officially in the countdown to the launch and we look forward to showing it to you.

Zalox specializes in the development of software, websites and mobile applications. If you are looking for a partner to renew your page in 2019, want to create an app for your business or develop a bespoke software solution, contact us. Let's work together!

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