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The importance of Instagram for businesses

Nowadays, social media are essential platforms to enhance the business of any company. While communication channels, they allow us to reach a much wider audience.

Most businesses have a presence on at least one social network - Facebook being the first choice - but many continue to ignore the importance of a social network with great potential to promote the growth of their business, Instagram.

Instagram is a social network based on sharing photos and videos. Users can "follow" other users and be followed, increasing your network connections.

Instagram allows comments and likes, and gives users the ability to share content with all their followers, or through private messages, Instagram Direct. Whenever a photo or video is placed on Instagram, it can be shared to other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Many companies consider to be present in Instagram is not advantageous, since it is a platform targeted for visual content and, therefore, more suitable for businesses engaged in the sale of products.

However, this platform is also ideal for service companies. With a little creativity, all businesses can raise awareness of their brand.

Instagram allows users to use various filters and image editing tools, that can improve content without having to resort to complex and costly editing software. Through image, you can show an entirely different perspective of your business. Instagram is the ideal social network to show your personality with fun content and to show the public the DNA of your brand.

Moreover, Instagram allows a high level of interaction between users. Using user’s content is a big trend. Using images or videos shared by your followers or promote the use of certain hashtags and tags approaches followers to your company and motivates them to interact with your page.

Finally, we must not forget that Instagram is the social network where Internet users spend more time besides Facebook.

However, unlike the company which acquired it in 2013, Instagram does not use algorithms to determine what appears in the news feed, which means all posts appear in the feed. That can be a huge advantage.

Any company that outlines a marketing strategy aims to create a change in consumer behavior and make them choose your products or services. In the online environment, the best way to do that is to be present where people are.

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