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The importance of bespoke software

Why is it important to have custom software? Why is custom software so expensive? Why does not a generic solution work for all businesses?

These are some of the questions raised after the first contact with the concept of custom software. When companies are not yet aware of its importance, it is quite common to question the value of a bespoke solution.

In some cases, a standard solution is more than enough to have good results. However, in many other cases, a personalized solution is required. All of this is dependent on the company and the kind of features required.

Standard software solutions are developed for a mass market, being distributed to thousands or millions of people worldwide. Being addressed to such a large audience, it is justified that the degree of personalization is minimal. Let's look at an example: Microsoft markets the Microsoft Office. Imagine that you wanted Microsoft to develop functionalities especially for you. The cost of production would be much higher.

The great variable is that custom solutions are developed especially for your needs and taking into account your requirements.

Custom software, created around user needs, results in an intuitive and easy-to-use system without unnecessary complexity. On the other hand, a generic solution will rarely fit your expectations perfectly, but it will be less expensive.

Custom software is not suitable for all companies, but should always be considered. Before you pay an annual subscription for a technology product you should consider if it is going to be useful, for how long it will be used and if it has all the features you want.

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