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Why are backlinks essential for your site's SEO?

Backlinks are links that direct Internet users to your website, generating traffic, whether internal or external.

Internal Backlinks link pages from the same site or blog, in order to increase the user's time on the website. On the other hand, external backlinks bring the reader to a page from another website or blog.

In the past, backlinks were the main metric used by Google to determine website's ranking. Currently, the algorithm is completely different, but backlinks are still important. The number of backlinks of a website is an indication of the popularity or relevance of that site. Backlinks are important to SEO because search engines like Google give better ranking to sites that have a good number of quality backlinks and consider these sites more relevant than others in their results pages.

When backlinks to your site come from other sites, and those sites have content related to that of your site, those links are considered more relevant.

You're probably asking yourself: How do I get Backlinks to my site? One of the simplest and most efficient ways to get backlinks is to write interesting content on your website or blog. This will cause other users to share your content. In addition, you can create internal links within your site, moving the user from one page to another.

Lastly, do not try to buy backlinks or create endless links on sites you manage. Google's mechanisms are more alert than ever before and can easily detect mock attempts.

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