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The importance of a strong digital presence for health clinics

Currently, new technologies are present in virtually every aspect of our day-to-day lives.

Human communication is nowadays very dependent on digital media, as they have become an extension of communication along the lines in which we knew it.

In recent years, markets and businesses have had to adapt to the constant presence of technology and the reality that many competitors have included Digital in their strategies. These Communication and Digital Marketing strategies materialize on social media, websites and blogs, search engine optimization, among others.

In Healthcare, many clinics are shifting investment from traditional marketing to digital marketing and communication. Waiting for word of mouth recommendations is no longer enough. A strong digital presence is the best strategy for prospecting new patients and retaining old ones.

Having an updated website, informative and dynamic social media and a blog with excellent content will inform your potential patients about the quality of the professionals and services that the institution offers.

Below, we present the greatest advantages of a well-constructed digital strategy:

  • Increased patient involvement;
  • Improved patient retention;
  • Maximization of references and positive feedback;
  • Improvement of the quality of care through the improvement of clinical-patient involvement.


More than just being present on Digital, health clinics must be concerned with maintaining a quality presence, in line with their goals and always respecting ethical and deontological principles.

Specialized clinics live from the ability to keep clients satisfied and to attract new patients. Patient retention is often a challenge because successful treatment depends on regular visits and, as soon as a patient begins to feel better, they tend to interrupt their care plan.

The production of content focused on the patient will act as another means of interaction with your patients, showing that you care about them and that you have the solutions to their problems.

Having several communication channels available to the public also generates positive results, since the patient or potential patient will feel more recognized and the interaction will happen more easily.

  • A good digital strategy for a health clinic will include:
  • A well-structured website focused on user experience and responsive;
  • A frequently updated blog with useful information for the patient, proper and appropriate language and nomenclatures;
  • Social media updated regularly, with professional appearance;
  • A strong and consistent email marketing strategy.


A good way to feed your social networks is through a blog, where you can write about new technologies and news related to your segment.

A blog is an efficient strategy to always be present in the digital world and represents a low-cost investment with lasting effects. It is important to generate relevant content for your audience.

In the case of email marketing, it can be very interesting to use it after consultations, as a way to keep in touch with the patient and increase their degree of satisfaction. On the other hand, it is also a way to optimize time and reduce costs.

Remember that all platforms on which you are present, be it your website, blog or social media, are a business card of your institution and, as such, must be immaculately taken care of.

Health clinics must be present on Digital, but present in a way that is beneficial to them. Making use of Communication and Digital Marketing to help doctors, health professionals and institutions to attract new patients is very important since these patients will later be satisfied and naturally advertise your health service.

If you want to invest in a successful digital presence for your Clinic, contact Zalox. We are experts in Communication and Digital Marketing and we can develop a personalized strategy for your Health Clinic.

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