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20 Things To Consider Before Developing A Website

Nowadays, it is unthinkable for a company to survive without a website.

Having a digital presence is essential for potential customers to discover your company and as such, your website should be fully functional and be as high as possible in the search engine rankings. With the help of a team of communication professionals, designers and developers you should think and design your website as an opportunity to offer the visitor a positive experience.

After all, the ultimate goal is for your site to be a tool that helps you achieve your business goals and for that, potential customers have to be captivated. Your website is the online face of your business. To make your journey of creating a site easier, we've selected 20 things to keep in mind.

1. Define what type of website you want (institutional website, service website, e-commerce) and what you want to get as a return (Leads, Sales).

2. Choose the domain name. It should be a name related to your brand and easy to decorate. Ideally, you should use a global domain (.com preferably) termination, no separator characters (traces etc), not a subdomain, and have just the name of the company..

3. Choose a reliable accommodation service and technically appropriate.

4. Get to know your target audience. This is important for designing the site according to the characteristics of that audience.

5. Know the technology and different languages ​​you can use on your site before opting for a solution.

6. Build quality content that explains your products and services.

7. Select or approve a layout that your design team draws.

8. Choose the colors of your identity and typographic fonts so that the content is easily readable.

9. Make sure that navigation is easy and intuitive.

10. Make sure your site is compatible across browsers.

11. Select appropriate high quality images.

12. Make sure your website is fast to load.

13. Compatibility with mobile devices.

14. Make your site safe so that users are not afraid to share their information.

15. Promote the functionality and the user-friendly look of your website so that users spend more time on the site.

16. Put Call to Action buttons on the site's strategic sites.

17. Use Google Analytics to monitor the progress of your site.

18. Embed social media on your site. Put sharing buttons and links to your company's social networks throughout the site.

19. SEO - Optimize your website for search engines.

20. Get a Sitemap - The sitemap is recommended for any blog or website because it facilitates Google's indexing processes.

It stands to reason that if you choose to use a webdesign and programming team to develop your website, many of these aspects will be thought of by you and presented for approval. However, be aware and aware of all these factors to take into consideration to make your site as effective as possible.

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