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Software development trends that will dominate 2019

In recent years, the growth of new technologies has boosted software development and the technology sector is at its highest level ever. Technology is constantly evolving and what was new last year, this year may already be something perfectly ordinary. In this article, we introduce technologies that have gained momentum this year and will dominate software development in 2019.

The first one we will address is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is already present in our daily lives, in very simple actions that we often do not identify as Artificial Intelligence. Examples are the spell checker on your smartphone or your phone's GPS, which we use on a daily basis.

However, Artificial Intelligence is much more than that and has the potential to be the vector of the digital transformation of companies. Organizations of various dimensions consider digital transformation central to their business strategies in the future and a way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Artificial Intelligence can be implemented to perform a wide variety of tasks, with an important part being the improvement of customer experience. The virtual assistants of our smartphones are a good example of how Artificial Intelligence can be present in our day-to-day lives. At this time, many mobile applications already incorporate chatbots with Artificial Intelligence.

Other IA experiences include the development of autonomous vehicles and computers capable of processing a huge amount of data and learning for themselves. Forbes magazine estimates that enterprise investment in Artificial Intelligence will reach $ 30 billion by 2025, which puts Artificial Intelligence on our software trends radar to watch out for in 2019.


Another of next year's technology trends is Blockchain Technology. The term Blockchain was popularized due to its close relationship with bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that has gained relevance in recent years. However, Blockchain technology has far more applications than Bitcoin and other crypto-coins. Big tech companies believe that this technology could be the future of information record, be it in the financial sector or health, for example. 

The basis of Blockchain is based on the distribution of transaction information between multiple computers. This decentralization ensures security and independence and, on the other hand, the inexistence of the need for expensive intermediaries reduces costs.

Blockchain technology generates an equal database for all parties involved in a transaction. Whenever a party makes any changes or inserts new information in the blockchain, a log validation protocol is generated that reaches all parties and can not be changed or deleted. That is, the technology allows full confidence in the reliability of the registry, and there is no possibility of tampering. Many experts consider the Blockchain system architecture to be the most secure electronic system today.

The technology giant IBM launched last year a platform called IBM Blockchain and is collaborating with banks, governments, distributors and health services on more than 400 projects involving blockchain technology.

Finally, another of the software trends that we expect to see more in 2019 are Progressive Web Applications. Progressive Web Applications were created by Google to combine the best features of mobile apps and the web: speed, application interaction, offline use, no need to download.

This option eliminates one of the major disadvantages of web pages on mobile devices: being dependent on wifi or mobile data connections, often unstable. This instability can create a negative experience for the user due to long charging times. Thus, Progressive Web Applications promise an experience similar to mobile applications as we know them.

Progressive Web Applications should not be confused with Android Instant Applications. Although they are designed to deal with many of the same issues, they differ in some respects, namely that Progressive Web Applications do not integrate with some features of the smartphone, such as access to contacts, Bluetooth, flashlight, etc. that Instantaneous Applications normally do.

Is there any other technology that you expect to see grow in 2019? Leave your comment on our social media pages. Zalox is a specialist in the development of software and mobile applications, contact us, we will be happy to help you evolve with the latest technology.

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