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How to increase the reviews of your mobile app

Let's start this article with the answer to the question you might have put immediately when reading the title: Are mobile app reviews really important? Yes, certainly no matter what.

Reviews are ratings published on the Play Store or App Store by users who downloaded the app and rated it and/or left comments on the quality, features, and the positive and negative aspects of the app.

Reviews are extremely important and can determine the success or failure of a mobile application. It has been proven that user reviews play an important role in other users' buying decisions and may change opinions about buying or downloading an application.

On the other hand, these evaluations also play a significant role in the search results of the app stores. Users tend to download the first applications that appear in search results, and reviews are one of the factors that determine the position of applications in the results list. Unfortunately, users very rarely return to the application store on purpose to write an appraisal unless they have had a really bad experience. So a small incentive might be a good idea.

Finally, it is also important to note that not having reviews can be as harmful - if not more - than having negative reviews, so it is very important to encourage users to evaluate your application. This article will leave you with some suggestions for increasing app ratings for mobile devices.

Create a high-quality mobile application

It may seem obvious, but the best way to get good reviews is to have a good application. If the app does not work well, you can not expect users to leave positive reviews. If your application adds value to its users, the natural predisposition to leave reviews will be greater. Update your application regularly to keep it relevant and functional.

Encourage users to give feedback

Including a "Send Feedback" button in your app can, on the one hand, be a communication channel for the customer to ask for support and, on the other hand, help you solve problems faster. Finally, the customer will feel more positive about support.

Use gamification

Gambling involves the use of gaming techniques in activities that are not game-related, using rewards to motivate users. Thus, gamification transforms time-consuming tasks into challenges. Gamification may encourage users to leave reviews. For example, put links to the app store before unlocking certain application functionalities.

Use social media

Ask your followers on social media to download and leave reviews about your application. Take advantage of the reach of social media to increase the downloads of your application and simultaneously increase the ratings. You can also encourage evaluations through the newsletter and emails.

It is important that you never fall into the temptation to buy fake reviews because you run the risk of having your application suspended. Organic appraisals are beneficial to developers of the mobile application and to those who use it as they help improve the application, as well as increasing the rating and number of downloads.

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