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Software Development Trends for 2020

The software development industry is complex and very dynamic in nature. As such, companies working in the industry must strive to keep up with the constant changes and normal developments in the market.

2019 was a year marked by the cementing of several innovative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, among others.

2020 promises a lot more news in software development and it is about these trends that we will talk about today.


5G Usage

The Fifth Generation of mobile internet, known as 5G, represents the future generation of mobile telecommunication. 5G was introduced in 2019 and is expected to replace 4G in the next 10 years.

In terms of advantages, 5G will provide better data security. Virtual reality applications will also benefit from using 5G. Not all companies will venture into 5G, but all look forward to the potential that this technology will demonstrate this year.


Greater dependence on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in software for a long time but the way it is applied is evolving more and more. Many companies are betting on Artificial Intelligence to have a competitive advantage over competitors. Chatbots are a practical example of how this technology has evolved to provide a better customer experience. This year we'll see chatbots being used to further reduce human engagement and analyze customer behaviour more automatically.


Instant Apps

Instant Apps have emerged shyly in recent years and have earned their place in the world of software development. They are especially relevant in this sector because they can be used for testing. When developing software, programming teams can test applications prior to release as they are less “heavy”, which can offer a better user experience. It is also studied that they have the potential to deliver better conversion rates compared to normal applications. Therefore, they are expected to be protagonists in 2020.


Programming Tools Changes

Just as there are trends in software development, programming technologies and languages ​​are also dynamic. Although Javascript and PHP are the most commonly used programming languages, many other tools have gained popularity.

An example of other languages ​​that will grow this year is python.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

These technologies are not new, but after a few years of experience, it is estimated that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will have an amazing year in terms of demonstrating their potential. One of the fastest-growing mixed reality applications is games for children, which allow for a better understanding and learning of the youngest.


Software development is a constantly growing and evolving market sector. Software companies must keep abreast of trends and their growth potential. If you are looking for a team to develop software and apply any of these points, Zalox is the ideal team to help you. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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