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Do you know what were the highest Google searches in 2019?

2019 is ending, and as it does every year, Google has reviewed the year to show us the most searched terms worldwide and by country.

In Portugal, the results may be surprising for some: the most researched theme of the year was Ângelo Rodrigues's disease, which peaked during August when it was first reported.

Secondly, the Brazilian football team Flamengo, led by Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, emerges. Most of the research took place during November when Flamengo won the Libertadores Cup.

The most search question started with “How…?” in 2019 was “How to know where to vote?”, which shows that there was a concern of Portuguese citizens in the legislative elections.

"What is a seizure" was also one of the most searched topics this year, followed by "What is a physiologist?". Game of Thrones was the most searched television series / show of the year as 2019 marked the end of last season, leaving millions of viewers desolate.

The most searched national people were Angelo Rodrigues, for the reasons previously mentioned, and Eduardo Beauté and Roberto Leal, who died during this year.

Google's year in review is always interesting to consult as it demonstrates a clear view of the events and topics most relevant to users of the world's most used search engine. We look forward to seeing what 2020 reserves!

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