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World Social Media Day 2019


Nine years ago, Mashable created the first Social Media Day on the 30th of June. Since then, the date is celebrated every year as well as the ways social media transformed people's lives.

The date is celebrated in different ways around the world, including through all kinds of events that encourage interaction between individuals using digital platforms.

Social media play an increasingly central role in the life of the average citizen. These platforms have transformed the way people stay connected, allowed former colleagues, friends and family to meet again, and more.

Also for businesses, it is absolutely essential to be present on social networks in order to foster the creation of a relationship with potential customers and make the brand known.

Brands must understand their presence on social media as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and interact with potential customers.

If your company is not on social media, you are wasting enormous potential. Zalox specializes in Digital Marketing and Communication. We help you take advantage of any social network in the most advantageous way for your company, outlining a customized strategy for your business.


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