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Pros and Cons of Twitter's new 280-character limit for Marketing

Twitter has been preparing this change for some time, and last month it finally started testing a character limit higher than what we have always known, 140.

At this time, a limited group of users can make 280 character tweets, twice as many as previously allowed. Since then, the debate has settled: will this new maximum character limit affect Twitter? Will faithful users move away from the social network?

Voices opposing to this measure claim that the "beauty" of Twitter is precisely the fact that it requires creativity and synthetic power and that the limit of 280 characters meets this premise. On the other hand, others argue that increasing characters will allow users to express themselves more freely, rather than having to publish fragmented tweets.

What about Digital Marketing? Will the brands come out benefited or impaired with this increase in characters? In this article we have looked at the pros and cons of the 280 characters of Twitter for Brands and Marketing Professionals.


More Users

When the change was announced, Twitter said it intended to do away with the embarrassment that kept users from Twitter. One such barrier, according to internal Twitter surveys, was the character limit.

If, in fact, the number of users of the platform increases thanks to this measure, it can be advantageous for Marketing professionals, since more users mean more potential customers and more people exposed to shared content.

More space for Marketing

Brands now have twice the space to run Marketing messages. The 140 character limit is often a tricky challenge to get around, especially when launching campaigns with new hashtags and long slogans that simply do not fit into a normal tweet.

With this update, Marketing professionals will not have to be so brief, using the space granted to convey the advertising message in its maximum potential.


More Users

As you may have noticed, "more users" appears in both Pros and Cons. This is because the increase of users in the social network can be positive, but also work against your marketing strategy.

More people on Twitter can mean that your message will be further diluted among millions of others, since there will also be more content, making it harder for the message to reach your audience.

More features and creativity

Having more characters available to use will allow you to share longer messages, but it also requires more creativity and probably more features to stand out. Your followers continue to expect the same quality as ever, but now with twice the space to occupy.

Larger posts can translate into boring tweets and you have to be more creative not to fall into this mistake.

Format issues

In addition to losing users' attention to longer tweets, there is a problem with twitter’s layout that can be a disadvantage. With 140 characters, the entire message appeared on the screen, but with the new 240 character limit, longer tweets appear with a "read more" system.

With this, there is a risk that some users will not worry about clicking to read the entire text, losing some content.

Accounts made, it is up to the professionals to take advantage of the potential of this new limit and escape the disadvantages pointed out. When the 280 character limit is available to all users, the conclusions will be clearer.

If you use Twitter, leave us your opinion. 

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