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Is Content Marketing not for your business? We explain why it is

Including Content Marketing in Digital Marketing strategys allows companies to provide the public with useful and relevant information that demonstrates that they have the know-how needed to help them with their challenges.

Google values ​​and benefits content relevant to your users by increasing the organic reach of your site. That is, it improves the position of your page for those searching for content in your business area.

Even so, some companies still do not bet on Content Marketing because they consider that it is not for their business segment or for any other reason. In this article, we demystify the two reasons most often pointed out by companies that resist betting on this form of Marketing, that is proven to be effective.

1. Lack of time and resources to create content

There are many companies that believe they can not implement a Content Marketing strategy because of lack of time and human resources. Betting on external support may be the solution. The great advantage of hiring this service to an outside company is that content specialists have experience in producing, but above all, optimizing, content for the web, always taking into account the characteristics of the target audience.

2. I do not have enough new content

It is difficult to believe that there is no raw material to produce new content, but if this is indeed the case, there are some strategies that could be solutions to this challenge:

  • Recycle old content: Certainly, at some point in the past, you've produced content that you can share on your company blog and social media. Compile the most read articles and make a webinar, that is, "turn" this content into videos, which clarifies some topics related to your area of ​​business. Video is the most consumed content right now and your business can only win.

  • Make an infographic: Gather data on a specific topic related to your business segment and build an infographic. If companies often do not have the time to write endless articles, so do content consumers who prefer to see a graphic rather than read a very long text.

  • Use customer testimonials and develop case studies: A great way to showcase your success and ensure more customers is to draw on testimonials from satisfied customers. Create a small questionnaire or e-mail written testimonials to old customers and use these testimonials to write case studies.

  • Share relevant content you find on the web: An alternative to producing content is sharing relevant content produced by third parties. You can feed your social networks and blog content authored by recognized authors, provided you give them the credit due.

Are you convinced? Would you like your company to bet on a Content Marketing strategy but can not produce it? Contact Zalox, we can design a solid Marketing strategy and we produce the content for you.

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