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The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2019 - Part 2

Recently, we tackled on our blog the biggest web design trends of this year so far. However, one article was not enough to talk through all the web design trends that got us excited in 2019.


Today, we present the second part of the article "The Biggest Web Design Trends of 2019 - Part 1, which we invite you to read if you have not already done so. Then we leave the second part of our list.


Certainly, you have heard that "less is more". Minimalism is a trend that comes and goes cyclically and is currently on the rise. However, being minimal should not be confused with being simplistic. With everyday life so fast and dynamic, users do not have the time and attention to process too much information. As so, clean design with few elements is more efficient than one too full. A minimalist website makes it easy to navigate the site and provides accurate content, providing a pleasant user experience.


Responsive Design

This topic is not just a trend, but an obligation. If a few years ago we wrote about the importance of having mobile-friendly sites, it is now absolutely essential to have responsive sites. Having a mobile-optimized site should be a concern for every business, especially now that Google has disclosed that its algorithm penalizes sites that are not optimized for these devices.


Creative typography

The layout of a web page is as important as the content displayed in it, and the vast majority of websites' content are texts. Making bold use of typography can make a generic website a landmark site. Carefully select fonts and build a powerful visual hierarchy. It is not by chance that more and more brands use their own names instead of logos.

The trends we've explored in both parts of these articles are some tips that designers can use to create bold, unique designs that provide good experiences for visitors. Creating good web design projects does not happen by chance; Layouts can be analyzed and studied according to what offers the best results. These were our web design highlights from 2019 so far! 

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