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Is your site mobile-friendly?

In a time when everyone lives on mobile phones and where more than half of the global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, it is safe to say the future is mobile.

If a few years ago it made sense to write about the importance of having mobile-friendly sites, it is now absolutely essential to have mobile-optimized sites. On the one hand, your website should offer the user a smooth mobile experience. On the other hand, Google penalizes pages that are not optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when designing a new site or renewing an old one by optimizing it for mobile devices.

1) Minimalism

An exceptional mobile experience is very dependent on website design. Minimalist design, a light colour scheme, clear, large and attractive call-to-action buttons are some good practices to follow in the mobile version of your site. The chosen colour palette should portray the style and identity of the brand and content must be organized in an efficient, organized and non-distracting way.

2) Persuasive Call-to-action

Using persuasive call-to-action buttons can determine the success or failure of the website. Large, eye-catching, strategically crafted call-to-buttons are elements that help people make decisions on your website.

3) User experience and exceptional usability

When a user accesses a website has a goal that varies from person to person. This goal can be to find a specific page, read and share an article in social media, find the contacts of your company, among others. The ease with which the visitor accomplishes this goal and the level of satisfaction that the user feels when navigating on your website constitutes user usability and user experience. The better these factors are, the more likely a user will return to your site and/or use it for purchases, etc.

Having a website optimized for mobile devices should be a concern of every business, especially now that Google has announced that its algorithm penalizes sites that are not optimized for these devices.

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