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Internet of Things (IoT): the impact of technology in your home

 Have you heard of the term Internet of Things? And in smart houses?

Internet of Things translates to the connection of personal, domestic and professional devices directly to the internet, communicating between them. This makes it possible for smart houses or automated houses or with smart devices.

Automated houses are thinked from scratch to have a smart infrastructure. In turn, houses with smart devices are houses in which smart devices connected to the internet and controlled remotely were integrated.

Devices like a coffee machine which can be programmed to have the coffee ready when you awake, mirrors that wish you a good day and give you information about the weather forecast, the news, etc., a washing machine that doses the products automatically and notifies you when these are finishing… All of this is already a part of the reality of many people’s homes  and facilitates their lives.

All of these devices can even contribute to a more sustainable way of life. With the option of exact control of the spending and saving of water and smart lamps programmable to turn the lamps on and off automatically, can reduce a lot the impact of your daily actions on the well-being of the planet.

With the remote control through a panel, you won’t have to go to your house to solve certain problems. You can make it from where you are. There are even systems of voice control, as the digital assistant device of Amazon, Alexa.

This device allows you to control the equipments of your smart home, to have information on the time and traffic, among many others, through voice commands.

It is unquestionable the existence of risks in terms of electronic security of these devices. However, the benefits they bring compensate in the opinion of many people. It is necessary to invest in the improvement of its security, which is done over the time, with the identification of errors and possible gaps in the systems.

There are a multiplicity of functionalities you can enjoy and others yet to be discovered and explored. It is a reality in expansion that sooner or later will come to even more houses.

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