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The resumption of the economy: why you should invest in e-Commerce now

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly altered our routines. Suddenly, going out into the street became an exception reserved for the indispensable. The health emergency took the world and the country by surprise and in a few weeks forced everyone to rethink their habits.

The pandemic brought changes in behaviors that forced businesses to rethink their organization. Online shopping skyrocketed and the Portuguese sat behind computers to order essential goods, medicines, leisure items, clothing, etc. Searches for "Online Shopping", "Online Store" or "Digital" increased exponentially in search engines and the volume of online shopping in Portugal soared.

In a matter of days, mandatory confinement created a digital transformation: the Portuguese joined mass online shopping - even the age groups that did not have this habit -, digital payments and home deliveries.

It was also clear during this period that many businesses were not prepared for the reality of working only online. Not having online stores, many establishments opted for slightly faster and simpler solutions, starting to accept orders via phone, email or social networks and making deliveries on their own.

The global pandemic has weighed heavily on our economy, and the effects will continue to be felt for much longer. It also showed companies the importance of e-Commerce and digital presence. Thus, and with the future uncertain, it becomes urgent that companies that can do so, join e-commerce in this phase of high demand.

E-Commerce will grow exponentially in the coming months and leverage a necessary digital transformation in Portugal for brands to survive. If you don't have an online solution for your customers yet, you're falling behind. Invest in e-commerce as soon as possible and start preparing your future today.

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