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International Safer Internet Day

International Safer Internet Day is celebrated on February 7 in 2017.

Known as Safer Internet Day, this is a date celebrated every year in February, which aims to promote the safe use of internet by individuals, especially groups most vulnerable to online risks, such as children.

Every year, Safer Internet Day brings together various organizations and individuals in promoting awareness-raising activities for the dangers of the Internet, identifying security and ethical practices in this medium.

Several actions are organized online and offline to alert to the dangers of internet and promote its conscious use. The initiative was created by INSAFE Network, which brings together organizations that develop conscious use of the Internet in the European Union.

The motto of 2017 is "Be the change: join up for a better internet". In this article, we leave you some security advice you should take into account while using the internet.

  • Use a strong and secure password

  • Change password regularly

  • Do not use the same password for all your accounts

  • Do not send personal and bank information to strangers through the internet

  • Shop online only on secure sites

  • Update your computer's antivirus and other software regularly

  • Clear your computer's cache

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