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Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day.

This date is celebrated since 2006 and was established by the Council of Europe. January 28 was chosen since it was on this date that, in 1981, Convention 108 was established. This Convention provides for “the protection of people concerning the automated processing of personal data”.

At a time when data privacy is a constant concern for users, it makes more sense than ever to mark this date.

On this day, organizations are proposed to be transparent in how they use and manage their customers' data and how they protect it. On Data Privacy Day, a check-in must be made on the integrity of the company regarding data protection.

The main goal of this event is for users to become aware of the privacy and security of information in the digital world.

To improve online privacy, you should use strong and different passwords for all accounts, disconnect from social networks on computers or public internet networks, and visit sites with unregistered / anonymous pages.

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