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How to use Pinterest in your Digital Marketing strategy?

Pinterest is a web application for PCs and mobile devices that is based on sharing images.

The potential of social media for brands’ Digital Marketing has been widely discussed recently. In a few years, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have become the most important tools in companies’ marketing strategy and essential means to increase their online visibility. Now, a platform often overlooked is gaining power in digital marketing companies: Pinterest.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann defined the platform as a "catalog of ideas" rather than as a social media, with Pinterest’s slogan eventually becoming "The world's catalog of ideas".

If you have not yet included Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy, you are probably missing a huge opportunity to increase your online presence. Pinterest is very easy and intuitive to use and it is based on some basic actions: the publication of own images and the pin (which refers to the idea of ​​something that we put in a cork board with ideas), that is, store images of other users and organize them into boards, which basically work as photo albums organized by themes.

For businesses, using Pinterest can be an opportunity to show not only their work, but also the company’s culture, through the images shared. This is the ideal platform to be creative. It's not easy to stand out among a great number of shared pins on a daily basis, but if you can, the likelihood of your content becoming viral is very high, as sharing pins from other users is Pinterest's main premise.

One of the best tools of Pinterest is the ability to make pins from other websites, such as from your company's blog posts. You can also optimize the captions of your images by placing direct links to your brand's blog, website or social media pages. This way you can direct traffic to your blog or to individual publications, or incorporate a pin button on your website.

The possibilities are endless, so it is important to use these resources to get your "voice" to a new audience. Also include CTA (Call to Action) buttons in the captions of your photos. After all, if you use them on your site, why not use them in Pinterest?

Lastly, remember that there are no rules. The most successful brands are always those that dare to do differently and think outside the box. Do not underestimate the potential of this platform and take advantage of the advantages that you can take for your company. Including Pinterest in your business marketing strategy is an option that can bring you many benefits.

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