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How to substantially increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter?

Newsletters are a great way to send regular information and spread news to current and potential customers.

In addition to informing your mailing list about new products, you can also let your subscribers know about promotions and events that your brand is organizing, or even offer special discounts.

Digital Marketing experts insist that email marketing is more alive than ever and takes on special importance in a time filled with little relevant information. However, if you are just starting out in the universe of newsletters or if you are already sending them but feel that the information is not reaching a satisfactory number of people, read this article to know some strategies to substantially increase your list of subscribers .

Offer incentives

Several studies point out that 60% of users who subscribe to newsletters do so in order to receive some kind of benefit, whether first-hand information or discounts on products and services. Offer discount vouchers, vouchers and even subscriber-only content and you'll see that the number of subscribers to your newsletter will start to rise.

Keep the Subscription Form Simple

In this case, less is more. Prevent visitors to your website from being directed to a page with an exhaustive subscription form. Each new click that the visitor of your site is forced to do decreases the likelihood of he or she coming to subscribe your newsletter. Put a simple newsletter subscription form on your blog and social media and keep it as simple as possible by asking only the essential data, such as the email address.

In addition, it is essential that you put the registration form in the correct place, for example, after each blog post. Visitors to your blog will read your article and, if they like it, will want to receive more related content in their email. This logical sequence increases the likelihood that people will subscribe to your newsletter, since they are naturally more inclined to fill out the form.

Take advantage of social networks

Currently there are several applications that allow you to incorporate newsletters forms into the pages of various social media networks. Facebook, for example, supports applications that allow you to have forms on your business pages. Use this feature so that the maximum number of people will be exposed to your subscription form.

Choose flashy titles

Calling your newsletter "Company X's Newsletter" will not attract subscribers or catch the attention of people who already receive it in their inboxes. Choose a name for your newsletter that is original and creative, or use different titles depending on the topics covered in each issue.

Following all these tips you will certainly see the number of subscribers of your newsletter go up. Remember that nothing is instantaneous and that results may be slow to appear, but will gradually come. However, these strategies can not be dissociated from quality content and distributed to their followers with the right frequency.

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