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How to choose the ideal digital marketing agency for your business?

With the hegemony of the internet, growing use of social networks and evolution of information technologies, companies need to rethink and redefine their marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing has become one of the most important components of a company, and can determine the success or failure of a brand. For this, many companies choose to use a team of professionals with the necessary know-how to ensure the brand's digital marketing strategy. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a need that is increasingly imposed, but what factors should be taken into account when choosing an agency?

We defined 5 things you should evaluate when deciding to choose a Digital Marketing Agency.

Recommendations and references

Referrals are one of the best ways to know whether or not an agency is trustworthy. Find out from your acquaintances if they have already worked with marketing agencies that recommend you or, when you find an agency you are considering working with, look for referrals from past clients to see if they are satisfied with the work you have done. Do not rely solely on the testimonials featured on the company website because they are likely to only publicize the positive comments. Search the internet and try to see if there is any feedback on the work of the agency in question.

Credibility and perception of the brand in the market

You should always try to look for as much information as possible about the agency and understand the brand image in the market. First, make sure they have a good website and are active on social networks, because that can tell you right away if they are aware of trends in digital. This is particularly important because you will not want to deliver your brand's digital marketing to a company that has a 90's website that only shares irrelevant content on facebook.

Case studies

Many companies choose to include customer case studies with websites they have worked on. Try to disregard the fact that the company is sure to leave out what failed in the work and assess whether you identify with the strategy used for those customers and whether the results obtained would be good for your own business.


Experience is not everything, it is true. All companies start from scratch and all the great professionals started off by not having any experience in times. However, if you are not willing to take big risks, looking for a company that already has enough experience or whose professionals have several years of work in the field may be a good option for you.

Search in LinkedIn, for example, the profile of the professionals who will work with you and evaluate whether or not they have the profile you are looking for. Professional experience does not make people more creative, but it certainly empowers them with knowledge gained from past experiences that may be useful in your case.

Sector of activity of the agency

Digital Marketing is a vast area with many variations. It is important that the company you choose to work with has some knowledge of your business area and that your strategy is aligned with your business objectives. An agency may be highly qualified to work in one particular market and not have the appropriate know-how and profile for another.

All of these factors should be weighed together not just individually so that you make a thoughtful and, most importantly, wise choice choice when it comes to choosing a digital marketing agency to work with your company. A good agency can raise the potential of your business and turn it into results.

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