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How to use LinkedIn for business: A guide for those who want to sell

LinkedIn was born as a professional social network in 2003 and has since been the prime platform for job seekers and recruiters, especially so-called "talent scouts".

LinkedIn is primarily used to establish professional relationships, having more than 106 million active accounts. However, LinkedIn's potential is not limited to recruiting and can be a very useful platform for companies to do business. Having a corporate profile on LinkedIn is a great way to get your products and services known. In this article, we give you some strategies to get customers and close deals through this social network.

  • Keep the profile up to date

If your company already has a profile on LinkedIn, it's important to make sure the information is up to date and relevant to who visits the page. State clearly your company’s business area and the advantages of working with you. Also ask for recommendations from coworkers, clients and partners: this will lend credibility to your business. Company contacts should be easily accessible.

  • Post content related to your business area

Share articles directly from your company blog and interesting content that might interest your network. Sharing regularly will make you an opinion leader in the area and your contacts will begin to see you as a reference. You can also share presentations, catalogs, portfolios and case studies that efficiently demonstrate the benefits of working with your company.

  • Build a solid network of contacts

When it comes to LinkedIn, the word that comes up immediately is Networking. "Networking" refers to the expansion of a person or company's network of contacts, increasing the likelihood of doing business or gaining new business opportunities.

Leverage the geographic reach of LinkedIn to build connections with influential personalities in your area around the world and interact with them, increasing your credibility with these people and your network. Add all your customers, partners and former classmates.

  • Join groups in your industry and participate in discussions

Each basic LinkedIn user can join up to 50 groups in which they discuss the most varied topics, being possible to select groups by geographic location, area of ​​interest, among others. Try to create and participate in group discussions and find content that enriches your industry knowledge.

Also take advantage of to direct visitors to your profile, sharing events, news and jobs in the groups of which you are a member. Do not forget to identify potential customers in the other members of the group.

All of these strategies are essential to building relationships with potential customers and business partners and, above all, building loyalty. A relationship of trust is crucial for any business and LinkedIn is the most appropriate social network to demonstrate your professional credibility.

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