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How To Take Advantage Of Facebook Page Templates

Currently, social media are used by companies as vehicles to reach target audiences and to publicize new products, services and still impose themselves as references of knowledge about the area.

Facebook continues to be one of the most used platforms by companies to create proximity to customers. In addition to being the most used social network in the world, with about 1.9 billion registered users, on Facebook, companies can find a set of useful tools for those who want to create a corporate presence in the social network.

Recently, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Page Templates. Each model or template corresponds to a business typology and so far seven options have been created: Standard, Shopping, Personal Services, Non-Profit Organization, Venues, Politicians, Restaurants and Cafes.

Each of the templates has a predefined set of tabs and buttons, tailored to the needs of the company’s business type. To try out this feature, simply go to Settings and select Edit Page.

At the top of the page is indicated the model that is being used - if you have never changed the template, it will be the default - and clicking Edit, you can change the template and take advantage of the features of this template.

You can also customize your template by manually selecting which tabs and buttons you want to have active on your Facebook page. This feature allows companies to choose the most appropriate template so that visitors to your page have the most enjoyable experience possible and decide to do business with you.

If you have not tried the Facebook page templates yet, we encourage you to do so and decide for yourself if it is a useful feature for your business.

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