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Advantages of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

In a time when Digital Communication platforms have become so important in citizens' lives, it is essential that companies that want to stay relevant understand the role of Digital Marketing and the benefits they can derive from using the digital tools available.

Digital Marketing has become one of the most important components of a company, and can determine the success or failure of a brand.In this article, we discuss the advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing and point out the differences between the two.

Size is not important

The media traditionally used in marketing entails quite a high cost. Having advertising space on television, radio or in the press may be possible for brands that have high budgets for their marketing strategy, but most small and medium-sized businesses can not afford these costs. Thus, SMEs are automatically out of the race. However, using Digital Marketing gives SMEs the power to match or even surpass big brands with a solid and consistent multi-channel digital marketing strategy.

The vast majority of Digital Marketing tools are considerably more affordable than traditional media, and brands, regardless of their size and purchasing power, can compete at the same level.

It is easy to measure

When defining a Digital Marketing strategy, the result analysis tools that will be used should be determined from the outset. In addition to having a faster reach, Digital Marketing has the great advantage of being easily evaluated thanks to a set of tools that help marketing teams to monitor the results of each action in real time. Using traditional marketing techniques, the data are more difficult to access, more time consuming and less credible in the sense that they are often based on estimates rather than real numbers.

The strategy can be adapted instantly

Due to the fact that digital marketing actions are easy and quick to measure as we mentioned earlier, it is also easier to optimize the strategy in real time or even introduce new elements. An example of this is the publicity of Licor Beirão, who took advantage of a photo in which Donald Trump and Pope Francis were together in a photograph to make a post on Facebook soon after the photo was released. On the other hand, it is possible to cut costs in the channels where there is no return and invest in the ones that have the most response from the public.


A Digital Marketing campaign is much more likely to become viral thanks to the use of social sharing buttons. The ease with which we currently share content with friends, family, and followers confers a potential for digital marketing that the traditional formula does not have.

In this sense, it is important to create a relationship with the followers of your digital pages and encourage them to share your content, increasing the reach of your publications without monetary costs.

The advantages of Digital Marketing in relation to Traditional Marketing are quite clear: in addition to the lower costs, there is a closer control of the results and the impact of the campaigns. If your company still does not invest in a solid digital strategy, Zalox can help you. Contact us and start taking advantage of all these advantages.

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