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How to tell if your mobile app needs an update

As a rule, mobile applications undergo updates focused on bug fixes, security patches and added features.

There are also profound updates that profoundly alter the user experience. However, these updates are not very common in smaller applications but are more common in large applications like Facebook and Instagram.

Today we cover the topic of mobile app updates and the signals to watch out for when determining whether your app needs an update.

The most important features of your app are the biggest indication of whether it's time to upgrade. If your app has features like authentication, cross-platform synchronization, and third-party services, you should make improvements regularly. Also, consider your customer feedback and identify if changes are needed.

Talking about the design, evolution is constant and you should try to keep up with trends. Several elements can be taken into account: colours, fonts, icons, and more. An app that adheres to good design guidelines is an app that grabs the attention of its users and creates more engagement with customers.

Another important sign that the application needs an update is when it doesn't work as it should. If the application no longer meets the requirements initially determined, it certainly needs a major update.

Finally, with the evolution of technology and programming languages, code can become obsolete quickly. Updating code is essential but unfortunately, code improvement is an expensive and often time-consuming step.

Upgrading a mobile application is an important decision that must take into account factors such as time, budget and customer satisfaction. Sometimes small adjustments can make a difference.

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