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Why Twitter advertising can be a good option for your business

Of the most popular social networks, Twitter is often the one that is overlooked when it comes to building efforts to build an online presence and build a consistent following.

For many companies, promoting their brand organically on a platform where millions of tweets are posted daily is a daunting reality. However, Twitter advertising can be a great option for expanding the business of your company, which you are ignoring because you are unaware of the advantages of this platform.

Twitter advertising, if used well, can yield better results than other more widespread ad platforms, such as Google or Facebook advertising.

Below we list the features that make Twitter a great platform to implement your marketing campaign.


Keyword Targeting

Twitter's keyword targeting is particularly interesting. Twitter lets you not only reach users who used a specific hashtag, but also users who interacted with tweets that contain those specific keywords.


Pay on desired results

One of the main reasons that make Twitter advertising a great choice for your business is that payment is only made when users take the intended action, be it a conversion, likes, site visits, etc. Many other advertising platforms lack pay-per-performance functionality. For this reason, Twitter can be a huge help for lead generation.


Twitter Ads are cheaper

If your advertising budget is very limited, Twitter ads may be a good option, as they are usually cheaper than those on other advertising platforms.


Twitter ads may be the best option for your brand to present to an audience interested in your services or products. If you've never ventured into Twitter advertising, it's time to launch your first digital marketing campaign using this social network.

Whether you are increasing your reach, engaging or getting conversions, you are sure to benefit from taking a different path that will open new doors for you.

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