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Has Google + Died? Find out why your company should continue to use this social network

Once considered "the social network to watch out for," the online community's interest in Google + seems to have declined substantially as platforms like Facebook and Twitter continue to grow and dominate social space.

Since its inception in 2011, Google + has undergone several changes, from its visual aspect to the way it is used. Faced with this reality, many users have declared Google + obsolete. However, digital marketing experts insist that this platform is relevant to businesses and that businesses should continue to dedicate time and resources.

There is some discrepancy regarding the number of active members in Google +, with some data pointing to 343 million, while more recent studies show that only 2.2 million users actually use this social network.

Instead of declaring Google + dead immediately, we must reflect on how, on this type of platforms, quality should be valued over quantity, not forgetting that even though only 2 million users are using Google+, publications continue to be exposed to this number of users.

Google+ has Communities, which are groups built around a specific interest. These Communities are free and a great way to engage customers in direct conversations about your area of ​​business. These groups can be public or private, and are accessible by invitation only. Usually, there is a moderator who keeps the conversation flowing and the feed free of spam.

For some marketing experts, what has really changed in Google + is not the number of active users but the way these users use the platform. Those who declared Google + as "dead" are the same people who want to use this platform in the same way they use other social media like Facebook, not understanding that the goal is different. Google + is not a place where work, personal life, and event publications are shared, but rather revolve around a specific topic or interest.

While it may seem limiting, this feature makes Google + an opportunity for companies to share their content in specific groups, to reach a much more targeted audience. Although there is no information available to confirm this idea, it appears that being present in Google + brings benefits in terms of Google Ranking.

In addition, there are various ways to interact within Google +, from simple likes to exhaustive discussions within Communities. Remember that everything you do on Google+ can direct users to your website and as such, lead to new contacts and business opportunities. Use Google+ management tools to monitor traffic and interactions with your publications.

If you remain skeptical about this platform, monitor your activity and reevaluate it after a few months, you will see that you will have a surprise.

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