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Google launches new .app domain

Last month, Google announced that it would finally launch .app, Google's new top-level domain.

For more than 3 years, Google has paid about $ 25 million ($ 22 million) to acquire the domain's exclusive rights.

Thus, since May 7 it is possible to acquire .app domains. The new domain brings advantages to developers, since it is an easy-to-remember alternative to .com domains, in which domain name choices are no longer wide.

Google has created the .app top-level domain specifically for apps and explains that additional security was added to ensure that everyone can present their apps without risk to users and themselves.

New domains can even be used as landing pages for applications, sharing secure download links and information about products and services.

The big difference in the .apps domain is that it is requires the HTTPS protocol to access all .app sites. Sites that use https have extra encryption that makes them much safer, giving more confidence to site visitors. This is one more step towards Google's goal to ensure that all sites use the https protocol.

As we've previously reported, as of this month, Google will now mark non-HTTPS sites as unsafe on the Chrome browser.

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