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Freedom of Information Day

Freedom of Information Day is celebrated annually on March 16.

The date was chosen to mark the birthday of James Madison, former president of the United States of America and considered the "Father of the Constitution."

Freedom of information is the right to access information held by governments and public bodies and is an extension of the freedom of expression recognized by the United Nations General Assembly. The postulate of freedom of information is that information held by government institutions should only be hidden if there are legitimate grounds as security issues.

In the context of the Internet, freedom of information can be applied to issues such as the right to privacy and opposition to intellectual property or copyright.

Given the increasing access to information via the internet, it is essential to discuss the limits and objectives of online freedom of information. Exploiting the potential of the Internet without compromising civil liberties such as freedom of information and the right to confidentiality is one of the significant challenges of today's society.

Many initiatives will be carried out globally to disseminate the rights of the population concerning their freedom of information.

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