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The mistakes you might be making with your Digital Marketing strategy

There is no denying that Marketing has taken a central role in any company.

If potential customers do not know that your brand exists, it's as if it does not actually exist. This statement is particularly valid at a time when digital has grown sharply and ranks high on strategic business priorities. An effective marketing strategy can bring great benefits to your business, but on the other hand, the mistakes your team may be making can jeopardize your brand's success.

In this article we've compiled some of the marketing mistakes you might be making and we've come up with suggestions that can save your company's marketing.

Content is poor

One of the great trends in digital marketing is Content Marketing, which is a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content that shows potential customers that the company has the know-how to help them with their own Challenges. If your content is not relevant and readers of your blog or social media don’t identify with what is written, it will be no more than noise in an already saturated web of information.

Weak content does not allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and can even make a bad impression on your followers. Thus, it is important that you invest in interesting content that is useful to those who follow you. If necessary, hire a marketing team outside your company to ensure that your content is published with the right cadence and appropriate information.

Absence of a digital strategy

Content Marketing is much more than updating the blog twice a week with a 300 word article. In order to generate results, a digital strategic plan must be built. That includes keyword research, competitive analysis, scheduling of publications, promotions, performance analysis and the choice of the right channels. All these factors coupled with quality content can generate leads and bring in new customers.

Not reaching the right audience

One of the great mistakes of Digital Marketing beginners is to try to please everyone, not focusing on who is the target audience of the brand. There are several tips for interacting with specific audiences for better results. First, you should understand where your target spends the most time and where traffic comes to your site: if it's on social media, which ones?

You do not need to be present on 10 different platforms if the audience you want to target is mostly in two. Also use the analytics tools available such as Google Analytics to learn about your customers' profile, interests, and content they interact with most. Depending on this assessment, you can adapt your online practices.

Not taking advantage of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques that have as main goal to make websites more appealing to search engines. Some good SEO practices include building clear URLs, correct use of keywords in articles and page titles, and other factors such as the number of links leading to the site (backlinks). 

Quite basically, Google assigns a score to each site that will determine the priority that each site has as a result. SEO should be used to complement your digital marketing strategy, but it does imply some knowledge on the subject, so many companies choose to hire SEO experts.

Remember that in Digital Marketing the results are not instantaneous, so consistency is key. Evaluate your company's digital strategy and try to identify if you are making any of these common mistakes. If so, our advice is to work together with an agency specialized in Digital Marketing in order to be established a strategic plan customized to the needs and objectives of your brand.

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