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Benefits of publishing your app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

The success of a mobile application is directly related to the number of people who use it and the best way to promote an app is undoubtedly publishing it in the app markets.

Today we cover the benefits of publishing your mobile app in the two best-known app markets: the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


Benefits of publishing your app on the Apple App Store

Selling an app through the Apple App Store is beneficial because it offers much more visibility than any other app market. In the Apple App Store alone, the giant Apple application market, there are about 2 million applications that have gone through Apple's review process.

Once approved, the app is likely to be promoted through various store channels, such as highlights in the popular app categories, etc.

One of the advantages of posting at the Apple App Store is that, despite having an initial registration fee, the return is high, as 70% of the app's sales go to the company that developed it. This makes it easier for the company to make a profit from selling the app.

The approval process from the Apple App Store is a little time consuming, but on the positive side, if the app is rejected, the Apple team indicates the clear reason that led to the non-approval.


Benefits of publishing your app on Google Play Store

The process of submitting mobile apps to the Google Play Store is much simpler than the Apple App Store. There is also greater freedom from the overall editorial content of mobile applications.

The initial registration cost of the Google Play Store is much lighter than that of the Apple App Store, which makes this option much more affordable. As of September 2019, the Google Play Store has over 2.8 million published apps.

Promoting an app through the Google Play Store will allow the developer of the app to build a solid customer base as long as the app provides value to the customer.


Whether you choose to publish your mobile app to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store - or both - the advantages are sure to outweigh the disadvantages. Publishing mobile applications in these markets brings a lot of traction to applications.

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