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Basic Rules for Increasing Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate - Part II

What would you do if you discovered that many potential customers of your e-commerce are leaving your site before completing a purchase due to poor customer experience? This is the reality of many businesses.

If you're reading this article, you've probably already read the first part of it, where we introduced you to the first 4 ground rules for increasing an e-commerce conversion rate.

By following these tips, you will be saving time reflecting on potential issues with your e-commerce and taking steps to identify and solve them. Here are our last four tips for increasing your online store's conversion rate and decreasing your abandonment rate.


Allow customers to checkout as guests

If you are on the site for the first time, you may not see any benefits in creating an account. Forcing visitors to register just offers another reason to leave. Allow them to complete a purchase as a guest and if they are satisfied by pairing with other offers, they will tend to create an account in the future.

Allow login through social media

Signing in via social networks allows customers to quickly use the same information for all new accounts created on all websites they visit. This is a quick alternative to creating a new account as it does not require a new username and password.


Include a checkout progress bar

Customers like to know how long the payment process will take. So if your checkout has multiple phases, simplify the process and show the steps along the way so that customers can see how close they are to completing their purchase.


Refer to cart abandonment software

Even following all good practices, there will always be users giving up during the buying process. However, there are several cart abandonment software options to engage and bring these customers back to your site.


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