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7 CRM Software Features and Why You Need Them

We have already discussed the importance of using good CRM software tailored to your needs.

The advantages are clear and undeniable. But with hundreds of options available, how do you know which features to value when choosing CRM software? We help.


1. Contact Info Management

It is essential that your CRM software stores important contact information such as names, email, phone and addresses. Features such as filtering and the logical organization of fields are factors to consider.


2. Lead Management

Identifying, segmenting, and referring potential customers through the sales funnel is one of the great advantages of CRM software. Lead management can be greatly facilitated and much more efficient with complete CRM software.


3. Email Integration

Integration with email services such as Gmail allows contact list segmentation, which will turn contact and lead management easier.


4. Contact History

Having a history of documented past interactions is a core aspect of CRM software. Knowing exactly the contacts previously made with the customer is of utmost importance.


5. Document and proposal management

Storing, sharing, uploading and uploading important documents in one place that is easily accessible to the entire team of stakeholders is an essential criterion. At this point we also underline the ease of creating and sending quotations or proposals to customers.


6. Clear view of the Sales Funnel

Having a macro view of the entire Sales Funnel and the status of each process will help you convert more leads and keep some from getting lost.


7. Work Automation

Automate repetitive tasks by creating workflows, triggering actions automatically, or sending reminders for follow-up emails. Usually, this feature is present in CRM software. If not, you may want to look for a more complete option.


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