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6 Marketing tactics that will dominate in 2017

Digital Marketing has become one of the most important components of a company, and can determine the success or failure of a brand.

This theme becomes especially relevant at a time when we are constantly bombarded by information and in which the tools of digital communication seem to be endless.

However, as in other areas, Marketing constantly evolves and something that was innovative in 2015 may now be completely obsolete. In this article we compiled the main trends of Digital Marketing for 2017.

1. Content Marketing will continue to be the big bet

Content Marketing is one of the biggest bets of digital marketing professionals. Addressing issues that concern readers and that can help them solve their problems conveys the realization that your company cares.

The content created by your company should be guided by objectivity and rigor, in order to become a reference for your readers and potential customers. The idea that customers prefer to do business with brands they trust and identify with is well-grounded today.

2. Companies will narrow the target audience

The theory that the wider the target audience, the more customers you get - because the message reaches a much larger group of people - is losing supporters. In 2017, the big brands will bet on more specific audiences and customize their marketing strategy based on the characteristics of this target audience.

3. Brands will use live videos in their favor

“Facebook live" and insta stories have gained tremendous force among social media users as they are a fun and different way to connect with followers in real time. By 2017, companies will gain ground and use these features to interact with their followers by showing that they are where their customers spend time and are willing to communicate with them in the way they privilege.

4. Searches will be mobile, so content will also be

As more and more searches are done on mobile phones, it makes sense for search engines to privilege appropriate results for these devices. Google has announced that it will implement a mobile search engine in 2017, which means companies will have to optimize their sites and content to respond to this update.

5. Wearables will grow

Wearables are smart devices like smartwatches, fitness wristbands, distance trackers, and more that are increasingly part of modern consumers’ lifestyles. Many industries and sectors of society included these devices in their ecosystem, such as health, education and mobile applications. In 2017, we will see an increase in the use of wearables and an effort by brands to keep abreast of these technologies.

6. The future is visual

As we have already mentioned, content marketing will be one of the great bets of marketers in 2017. However, the great trend that goes hand in hand with content marketing will be to replace or supplement such data with visual information such as images and video.

As much as possible, companies should use visual aids to help their audience digest the same amount of information that could be absorbed by reading a long publication of your blog.

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