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Email marketing is not dead: why you should continue to send Newsletters

Email marketing is usually defined as sending a business message to a group of individuals via email.

A broader interpretation of the concept may consider that any business email sent to a current or potential customer could be defined as email marketing.

One of the most usual types of email marketing is Newsletters. For businesses, sending newsletters is a great way to send regular information to customers. However, in recent years many people have prophesied the death of email marketing and, with it, the newsletters.

However, Digital Marketing experts do not agree. Email marketing is more alive than ever and takes on special importance in a time filled with little relevant information. In this article we discuss the advantages of sending newsletters as part of your email marketing strategy.

Maintain a relationship with customers

It has been proven that customers feel more connected to brands when they hear or interact with them regularly. Although the quality of products and services is always the main factor for a customer returning to a company, the promotion of a client-company relationship will always be beneficial, as long as it is done with tact. Thus, a monthly newsletter with useful and relevant information can be decisive for a customer to remember his brand and to use his services.

Report new products / services

Newsletters are great ways to share news with current and potential customers. However, it is important to be restrained in your email marketing strategy so as not to fill your subscribers' inbox: sometimes less is more. You can also inform your subscribers about promotions and events you are organizing, or even offer special discounts.

Newsletters are versatile

A well-built Newsletter requires a great investment of time, but one of the great advantages of this tool is that its disclosure is not restricted to email. One of the techniques you can use is to share your newsletters on your company's social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example) and even on your personal page, increasing the number of potential customers exposed to the message.

In an age when access to the internet through smartphones is widespread, it is especially relevant to use email as a form of communication, since anyone can receive, read and respond to emails on the go. If your company still does not send Newsletters, you should seriously consider using this email marketing technique.

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